AFRO’S started in a trailer at “Durban Day”, Peoples Park in September 2012. ”

That was the first of two trailers that travelled Durbs for two years, pulling up at the finest markets, events, shindigs & private jols. In 2014 we moved into our first shop on south beach, serving surfers, cyclists, power walkers & anyone who agrees it’s “lekker by die see!

AFRO’s Chicken is a perfect example of the power small businesses, with the agility to grow through pop-ups in multiple locations. Their business growth has been strong every year since 2014. Having stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town and their hometown of Durban.

Without starting with pop-ups or a trailer, its very difficult to predict if the business would have gotten the same kind of success. The ability to save costs by not having long term rental agreements, while moving to different locations in order to drive brand awareness, is the strength of a small business that cannot be replaced by anything.

At Popping, we celebrate their success, and how they have managed to build a franchise business, that started with a pop-up.


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