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Business Community

We have over 200 small brands signed up. Each looking for weekend markets to grow their products and services in new markets.

Online Bookings

We help you market and accept bookings online from reputable small brands. Making it easy to managing the growth of your weekend market.

Why use us?

Use our platform to list your weekend market and accept bookings. While advertising your market to the local community.

  • No upfront costs.
  • Booking Commission fee at 10% (ex. VAT).
  • Set up and start accepting bookings in 24 Hours.
  • Simple, quick Booking Management.
  • Get notifications when a businesses books a stall.
  • Advertise your market to local communities.

Set up in seconds.

Signing up and Listing your market on our online platform is fast and simple.

  1. Sign up in 5 mins.
  2. List your market on our website.
  3. You’re ready to take stall bookings through Popping!


Once you list your market on Popping, an email will be sent to our business community about the market. Brands will see the listing on Popping list page. When a business books for the market, a booking form is generated to fill, they enter their businesses credentials, product images and social media handles, click ‘submit’ and then an email confirmation is sent to you. After payment, the business also receive an email to confirm Booking status.

For business bookings our transaction fee is 10% (ex. VAT). That’s it, no other additional fees or costs. Plus, we provide Popping Hosts with free business referrals to help you run and grow your market. And best of all, as your bookings go up, your rate comes down.