Hosted in the month of April, the Market in Benmore was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 28th, 29th and 30th of April 2023. We were privileged to have 22 stalls all who worked hard on the day to make it possible! And enjoyed being with us.

50% of stallholders provided us with great insights including sales information. Sales varied in the market with most traders doing exceptionally well with new record sales and others having a poor sales day.

The sales turnover for the market is estimated at +/- R103,000. This lower average sales was mainly due to the marketing being hosted on a long weekend.. The average sales for traders came to R4,680 per trader.

Here is a breakdown of the market in for sales, products, customers and average sales:

  1. Here is a breakdown of 22 stall offerings during the market. More than 47% of stalls were craft stalls. These craft stalls consisted of candle makers, perfume makers and Jewellery makers. 17% of pastries stalls consisted of ice cream and cakes. Cakes were a big hit as the vendor interacted with customers. 25% of fashion stalls consisted of Active wear, Traditional African attires and Modern Sun Dresses.

2. Here is a breakdown of how many products each trader sold During the market.

3. Here is a breakdown of how many customers each trader engaged with During the market. It is here where you can get a good idea of how many customers engaged with stallholders:

4. Here is a breakdown of how much traders made at the market. Due to the long weekend, 50% of the stalls did not breakeven. The stalls that made revenue consisted of fashion stalls, beauty stalls, kids stalls and pastries stalls:

Conclusion: The market in Benmore had a fantastic vendor turnout, but they key lesson learnt was that the lack of traffic at the centre was due to the long weekend. 42% of stalls made between R100 to R500 over the 3 days. After consultation with vendors, the decision was taken to proceed with the market.

50% of vendors made above R3000. 17% of vendors were the highest above R7000. Consisting of one pastries vendor and one kids vendor

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