BrownSense x Popping.co.za

Popping has teamed up with the BrownSense Community! #DoingBusinessTogether

The role of every business owner is to find systems that make running a business easier, we’ve looked at a number of tools of course but there’s a tool you cannot buy, community.

Collaboration is appealing in concept but challenging in practice, but in a digital era and moving retail we have found great communities to collaborate with, and give you access not only to a community of over 100 00 entrepreneurs but an easier way of doing business with brands that complement yours. Think what Walk Fresh did with SportScene, both brands focus on sneakers, footwear, the collaboration made sense and therefore stands to scale. 

Popping allows brand owners to collaborate in the best ways possible, sharing their spaces. The way of doing business has changed, and small business owners must adapt in order to thrive. Popping.co.za is a black-owned online property listing platform offering short-term rentals in the form of pop-up spaces to small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to give market access to small and medium brands by helping them do business together.

Nobody does pop-up spaces like us, visit popping.co.za to register your business or register space in your shop that you’d like to rent out.


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